The ICEM2017 Conference organizer is Federica. Federica is both the name of the Center for Innovation in Online Learning of University of Naples Federico II and the name of the national MOOC Platform:

University of Naples Federico II

Funded in 1224, Federico II is the oldest lay University in Europe. Current student enrollment is 86,000 with over 2,500 academic personnel and 155 graduate level degrees.

Today, Federico II is more than ever at the cutting edge of innovation in the various domains of Higher Education.

  • Its School of Humanities is famous throughout the world for its research and degree programmes in ancient Greek and Latin, as well as in Archaeology and Mycenaean philology. Its professors play a significant role in research at Pompeii.
  • The Federico II faculty of engineering is internationally renowned for its research activity and the quality of its graduates. In August 2016, the University of Naples partnered with Apple in launching the first of its iOS Developer Academy.

Since 2007, Federico II is also at the forefront of experimentation in technology enhanced learning with its Federica Web Learning platform (, by far the largest single university platform in Europe.

Federica is much more than a course provider: it is a comprehensive educational environment, with special emphasis on interface design and guided access to online reference sources.

Federica has been at the cutting edge of the e-learning environments for 10 years. With 300 blended courses and 75 MOOCs Federica Weblearning is the largest worldwide provider of open access multimedia courseware in Italian with more than 5 million accesses. Plus a growing set of courses in English.

Federica is the first Italian University on iTunes U, with over one-million downloads.

Today Federica is the first Italian University Center fully devoted to innovation and experimentation of multimedia distance education, with intense international cooperation.

In 2015 MOOCs have become Federica’s core activity. Between 2015 and 2016 over 40 MOOCs have been published on the new platform, with 30 more in the pipeline.

A number of selected partners – academic and corporate – have joined or are in the process of joining, such as:

  • SNA, National School of Administration
  • Tim, Telecom
  • Il Mulino Editori
  • IPSA, International Political Science Association

Federica has also been the promoter – and coordinator – of the EMMA project, the European Multiple MOOCs Aggregator, with 11 academic and corporate partners.

Federica goes Mooc