The 2017 ICEM Conference recently hosted by Università di Napoli Federico II was one of the most memorable events ICEM members have had the good fortune to experience. Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Bay of Naples, I’m sure you will agree it was the high level of professionalism with which it was organized and the personal attention received by all of the conference delegates that made such an impression on us all.

NapoliIn the ICEM community, we are particularly proud of our efforts to maintain the delicate balance between meeting the various professional expectations of our delegates and ensuring the personal, family-like atmosphere of the event. And indeed it must be said that our time in Naples, with its wonderful variety and endless hospitality, was a true indicator that Federica

Weblearning makes a fine addition to the ICEM family.

The success of any ICEM conference, however, is determined not by the organizers and venue alone, but by the level of active participation and commitment shown by those in attendance. It is often the discussions and moments we experience outside the regular programme that make the best memories.

With that in mind, as president of the International Council for Educational Media, and particularly on behalf of the members of the ICEM family, I would like to offer you our sincerest thanks for your contribution to the success of the entire event. And indeed I look forward to welcoming you to our 2018 conference in Tallinn, Estonia, in September next year.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Hannah Gerber ICEM President